Kenda Tires Review

Kenda are well known as a budget tire brand. Often, when people hear the word budget, they fear low-quality. That isn’t always the case. That’s why we made this Kenda tires review guide, to summarise all the important points so you don’t miss a thing. I think you’ll find that budget doesn’t always mean poor quality.

Kenda Klever MT Review

90 %

kenda klever mtReal nice tires, stunning traction and incredible durability. These tires are awesome, I mounted them on my Dodge RAM and it just makes it look like a million bucks! With a nice, aggressive look and deep lugs these guys make my RAM look like an off-roading beast. These tires are built for hard working vehicles and off-roading on really muddy terrain where traction, durability and grip are essential for a safe and pleasurable, solid driving experience.

The lugs on these guys are real deep (18.5/32”) so you know you’re going to stay glued to the ground even after a heavy rainfall where most other vehicles will be sliding all over the place and getting stuck in ditches. They handle cornering spectacularly and have impressive grip with no wheel spin even on steep, muddy inclines. They provide a real nice quiet ride on standard roads and highways too, much like a regular passenger tire, I honestly expected them to be a much louder, rougher ride on the roads like most Off-roading tires, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised with how smooth and silent they are.

In our kenda klever reviews, we found them to perform equally well in the snow, those deep lugs stay gripped to the snow covered hills like a vice, never slipping an inch, it’s a  real bonus to know that you wont be caught out because of a freak snow fall. But it’s in the mud where these bad boys come into their own, they handle soft mud and clay so well you’ll forget you’re off-roading, no wheel spin, no slippage or anything, just smooth sailing as you go about your business with no more worrying about getting stuck in the mud (in fact I even had a call from a friend asking if I could help pull his pick up out of a ditch when he got himself stuck in the mud).

The radiated shoulder lugs even make these tires self cleaning (as much as a tire can be), packed mud and dirt is expelled from the sides while you drive so all you have to do is hose them down and they’ll look factory new again. The double steel belted construction of these tires makes them durable as all hell, combined with the tread depth and ¾ inch side walls these tires aren’t going anywhere soon. Even after I put a few thousand miles on these suckers they aren’t showing much in the way of wear and tear, I’m betting I’ll get a good 50,000 miles out of these easy, even tearing it up off road. I have to say that I would highly recommend these tires for anyone looking for a massively durable, good all round tire but with exceptional mud handling, great traction and awesome off-roading capabilities. If you live or work in a rural area or are planning a trip to the countryside then these tires will be a perfect fit for you. In our Kenda tires review guide, these came out as the best.

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Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Review

88 %

kenda bearclawNow these are what you call budget tires! I put a set of these on my Yamaha Warrior and let her rip in the snow, wow, no wonder the Kenda Bearclaw is held in such high regard, they’re a vast improvement over the old stock tires I was using it’s like I’m driving a new machine. If you love doing some trail driving or extreme off-roading on your quad you’re going to fall in love with these tires instantly. They handle like an absolute dream, they stay glued to the ground in the snow or mud, no slippage or wheel spin even when you’re taking corners at speed.

The traction on these guys is incredible, the angled knobs dig into the mud or snow and the centre lugs provide superior traction and control ensuring that you stay exactly where you want to be in all conditions, snow? No problem, mud? Forget about it, no obstacle is too much for these off road masters! And talk about durable, the special tear and snag resistant compound that these tires are made from means that you aren’t going to have to worry about getting a puncture when driving over rough, stony ground and results in a vastly improved tread life.

Even after a fair few hard off-roading sessions my set still look as good as new with very little wear and I’m sure that isn’t going to be changing any time soon either with an impressive 6 ply construction the durability of these suckers is sky high. The built in rim guard also helps to protect the tire and the wheel from damage as you’re tearing it up out in the country and also does an admirable job of preventing dirt and mud from becoming wedged in between the tire and rim and causing damage when you’re off down muddy trails or in the back country. If you use your ATV in your work life these tires will not let you down, they will handle the hilliest of farms with ease and grip well enough to be able to pull a trailer full of logs no problem.

They do handle nicely on the roads and pathways too with much less noise and a much smoother ride than you would usually expect from an aggressive ATV tire. If you’re a huge recreational ATV enthusiast like me, or if you use your quad as a workhorse these tires will be a perfect fit for you. I would certainly recommend them to anybody looking for an exceptional and highly durable ATV tire, particularly if you live in a rural area or an area with cold winters and where snowfall is a common occurrence. The Kenda Bearclaw wont let you down! They have rapidly become one of my favourite ATV tires that I have used to date, and I’m sure they will become one of yours too!

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Kenda Executioner Review

96 %

kenda executionerNow these tires right here are tough as hell, wow. The Kenda K438 Executioner is a serious tire for serious off road enthusiasts and agricultural workers. The traction and grip you get on these things is incredible, no terrain is too tough for these beasts. The shear depth of the tread should be a clear indication of the kind of superb traction you can expect to experience from these monsters. Built for quad users that love being off the beaten track these tires handle the muddiest of conditions like it is nothing, they bite so deep that you’ll think you’re driving on the highway, no loss of traction or wheel spin whatsoever. I have a set of these on my Outlander and they handle like a dream, whether you’re knee deep in mud or driving over rough stony ground these tires just make driving an absolute pleasure.

The dimpled tread design makes that possible as it improves the traction of the tire when in dry conditions without compromising performance during wet and muddy conditions (just make sure nobody is standing behind it because they kick up a storm if you’re overly generous with the throttle). The 6-ply construction of these tires make them one of the toughest tires I have come across thus far, their ability to resist punctures is truly remarkable. It really is a relief to be able to drive out into the middle of nowhere over rough stony ground without having to worry about whether or not you’re going to end up with a puncture, miles from anywhere. These tires also feature a great rim protector to prevent damage to defend your wheels against incoming rock damage or from those times where you don’t see the pit before it’s too late, this really does result in a greatly improved lifetime, not just of the tire but also of the wheel itself. They wont let you down in the snow either, the recent flurry we had here didn’t seem to impact the performance of the tire as all, they still had fantastic grip and superb traction, no slipping or sliding around when taking corners or anything, fantastic.

You’ll be safe in the knowledge that you will still be able to go about your daily chores or occasional joy rides even in the cold winter months without the worry of becoming stranded at the bottom of a hill. These tires also perform admirably on hard pathways and roads, much better than you might expect for such an aggressive off-road tire, the reinforced knobs really help with that and make for a really nice, comfortable ride.

While it has nothing on the Kenda Klever review, I would definitely recommend this tire to anyone who enjoys getting out into the countryside on their quad or who needs to cover a large amount of rough ground on  a day to day basis. These would be perfect for somebody who uses a quad to get from A to B on a small farm or similar or who live in an extremely rural and rugged setting where other standard forms of transportation just can’t cope.

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Kenda Scorpion K290 Review

84 %

kenda scorpionThis right here is exactly what a good ATV tire should be, hard, rugged and extremely puncture resistant and durable, the Kenda Scorpion K290 hits the mark spot on!  These tires are perfect if you intend to do some heavy off-road motorcycling or need a solid tire with a good grip and great all terrain traction for light farming and gardening vehicles or tractors. At 10lbs these tires are incredibly light-weight, considering how tough and durable they are, so they wont weigh you down if you decide to take a little joy ride on the bike into the hilly countryside.

They are available in a huge range of sizes to suit your applications and are light enough to be able to be installed on a variety of machines from light-weight bikes to ride-on lawnmowers. With theses suckers you can drive, in confidence, over the roughest of stony ground without fear of a dreaded puncture ruining your day (and your wallet) with repair or replacement expenses. The deep hexagonal tread and aggressive shoulder knobs of  the tire ensure that you won’t lose any traction when driving on muddy, rain soaked ground and  because of the equally dispersed grip they wont tear up your nice, newly mowed lawn either (always a bonus!), I’m pretty sure I have even seen these same exact tires used on golf carts.

The hexagonal tread also means that you’ll be able to take corners with confidence and without the fear of having your back tires slip, causing you to spin out of control during muddy conditions, these babies stay glued to the ground. Another awesome feature is that these tires have a built in rim guard meaning that the chances of you damaging the tire or even the wheel itself while driving on rugged rough terrain is greatly reduced resulting in a substantially improved life. Due to reduced wheel spin and the amazing traction these tires are capable of an impressive mileage before the tread starts to show any noticeable signs of wear and tear even when driving on miles of rough terrain that would shred other, less durable, tires.

These tires also perform admirably in the winter, even after an unexpected snow fall they are able to handle the steepest hills and valleys no problem, with impeccable traction and superb grip they are able to climb as well as ever. A real life saver if you have to be able to cover large areas of rough or hilly ground in all seasons. I would highly recommend these tires to anybody who, on a regular basis, needs to cover large areas of rough, hilly ground and who want a seriously durable tire that wont let them down and lose traction or be easily punctured. Ideal for light agricultural and intense off road use these tires are sure to become your new ATV tire of choice, I know they’re mine. They’re definitely one of our favorite products in the Kenda tires review guide.

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Kenda is a prominent tire brand, which has spread its wings in three continents (Europe, USA and Asia) and is aggressively planning for more expansion. The manufacturer has a long history which dates back to 1962, when it opened its first office in Ohio, America.

What has made Kenda tires so successful is the company’s determination to never sacrifice quality. It is now half a century since the company first started operations and it has grown to cater the tire requirements of several categories of vehicles, covering up industrial and passenger carriers. In total, the range includes bicycle, motorcycle, ATV, industrial, trailer and automotive tires. Kenda states that its tires are special in the sense that they are ‘overbuild’. While this is an exaggeration, the reality still is that Kenda tires are far more superior to your average tire brand.

With its age, the company now has the experience to experiment and innovate. Therefore its engineers are not holding back in implementing new strategies in new products to make them stand the most rugged of terrains, by improving the durability, strength and performance. This pioneering approach has allowed Kenda to lead from the front and leave behind a trail of local competitors in all the continents.

If you are planning to purchase a Kenda product, you can start over by visiting their website. Since they are all over the globe, they have made region specific websites. Usually the products available on these local websites are all the same, however sometimes one store may have a greater variety due to the demand in that region. As mentioned above, Kenda serves its customers under four main categories:

1) Automotive
2) Bicycle / Wheel Chair
3) Powersports
4) Turf / Trailer / Specialty.

You will notice that this is the first sub menu on the regional website. Depending on your requirement, you should go ahead and pick up on of these 4 choices.

Clicking on any of the option will open a specialized website for that category. The next step that you need to take is to find the tire which will fit your car model. Clicking on Find A Tire is a straightforward start and you will be taken into a webpage which should be familiar to you, if you have bought a tire before regardless of the company. The webpage will ask you to state the Year / Make / Model of your vehicle or the Size of the tire. You can fill in either of the details.

The first option is an easy way to get the exact tire your vehicle is recommended to use. When you select the Year, you will be prompted to enter the Make, followed by the name of the Model and the Trim size. If, however, you want to choose the size of the tire yourself, you should know the section width, aspect ratio and rim diameter beforehand.

kenda tire reviews
Once you have the tire you want to buy, all you have to do next is find yourself a licensed dealer in your area. You should find a Find A Dealer sub menu on the main webpage which will give you the exact locations based on your zip code or state. That is all. Once you know the dealer, you may give him a ring or go to the location and get the tire.
After receiving the tire, you need to make sure that you get it mounted correctly.

It is required for you to have a mounting inspection carried out by a licensed professional before you hit the road on your new tires. In fact, Kenda obliges the owner to get the tire serviced at frequent intervals to be able to enjoy the highest level of performance. Once inspected, you should register the purchase on the Kenda database by clicking on the sub menu named D.O.T. REGISTRATION.

The company warrants to the first buyer that, if after purchase the tire turns bad because of a Kenda qualified condition amid the tread life, the tire will be supplanted with an identical new Kenda Tire. A substitution charge will be required to acquire this brand new tire. All Kenda tires have the same guarantee as first quality tires with the exception of different conditions which brought about the tires to be named other than first quality. See your Kenda Tires merchant which can be found on the website’s sub menu. You can always reach out to the customer service department if you have any issues regarding your purchase.

Kenda has declared time and again that it is as good a company as its customer service. Therefore, the Kenda community handles all customer problems enthusiastically, maintaining the highest of standards. The Kenda culture of research and development goes hand in hand with this customer oriented vision. This ensures that when the customer has one of the company’s product, he is already confident about the performance and safety of it. In fact, all Kenda tires pass through a specialized test in the company before testing for the national tire regulation checkup. This practically means that only the products which are actually above the needed standard reach the market.

All in all, there is little negative to say about a company which aspires to serve its customers rather than milking them for profit. Over the years, several Kenda products have been rated as numero uno in their respective categories. Moreover, Kenda has repeated featured in extreme sport competitions as the tire of choice for the racers. This further proofs how good the products are that even extreme sports can’t keep their hands off them. If you want a brand that is of high quality and features in the elite veteran class, you must feel confident getting any of the Kenda tires.