Mastercraft Tires Review

Mastercraft tires have received a lot of attention recently. Since they’re considered a lower budget tire brand, it can often put potential buyers off since the possibility of lower quality is much higher. To put your mind at rest, we compiled a Mastercraft tires review guide to help you decide on your own. I think you’ll find that they definitely live up to their impressive reputation.

Mastercraft Courser MXT Review

93 %

mastercraft tire reviewsThese are an absolute Monster of a tire. I bought these after seeing how they handled on my buddy’s pick-up and let me tell you, they’re one of the best tires I’ve ever purchased. The MXT Mud Terrain tire is perfectly designed to handle the pitfalls of driving in extremely muddy and similar unstable terrain such as clay and sandy areas and they look absolutely amazing on my Jeep. They bite like a Doberman even in the softest, most waterlogged back roads with superb grip and traction control, never slipping an inch.

The enormous, over sized grooves allow for superior grip and controllability and the scalloped edges enable the tires to act as a scoop, dislodging mud and unstable debris thereby improving the tires grip and traction  allowing it to stay glued to the road in all weather conditions. The void to rubber ratio is absolutely spot on, with a fantastic drive feel and unbelievable grip on even the most extreme terrain. It has to be said that the noise these tires produce, considering they are designed for extreme off road use, is minimal and would certainly be fine for day to day driving on highways or in the city. If you intend to use these tires for urban driving you will certainly have no problem when the rain and snow of winter comes around.

These tires handle the snow like it’s nothing, great control and very little snow packing, no longer will you be left stranded because of a freak flurry. These tires will enable you to go about your daily business in a blizzard as easily as if it were a cool summers day, a fact that can be enormously reassuring if you have work or important social appointments to attend to. The full depth sipes on these rugged beasts provide an enormous level of grip on off road terrain and stunning traction on wet highways so you wont have to worry so much about aquaplaning when travelling during a torrential storm.

This increase in grip and traction will even last once you have put a few thousand miles on these suckers, believe me, there is still plenty left on mine. As an added bonus these tires are incredibly easy to clean and maintain, the wide grooves make it a piece of cake to get rid of the mud after a little joy ride down the country lanes, just hose them off and you’re good to go! Ideal if, like me, you like to keep your vehicle looking clean and stunning. I have put a fair few miles on these by the time I got round to writing this and they look just as good as the day I bought them, that tread isn’t going anywhere soon! I would highly recommend these tires to anybody who enjoys off-roading or who live in more rural areas where the roads have a tendency to become muddy after heavy rainfall, and to those who would enjoy having the peace of mind that owning an off-road tire will bring during the winter months. Out of all our mastercraft tires reviews, the MXT came out on top.

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Mastercraft Courser MSR Review

88 %

courser msrThis is a seriously impressive tire! Made for SUV owners these tires are designed and crafted specifically for those of us that live in colder areas where snowfall is a common threat and icy conditions lay around every corner. This tire, in wintry conditions, has to be, hands one of the best tires I have ever had the pleasure to use. Severe weather rated and with the option to add studs for increased traction these tires make driving in even the most icy and snowy of conditions an absolute breeze.

The ‘D squared’ sipe technology present in these wonderful pieces of kit server to further improve the performance of the tire by maintaining optimum traction in wet conditions. Better traction in wet conditions leads to a much increased level of control and therefore a much safer driving experience during inclement weather. The sipes are so deep into the tire that this performance boost will last the entire life of the tire itself.

The grooves of the tire are specifically designed to increase available biting edges and pack snow into the outer grooves to increase traction and road grip due to the higher resistance of snow on snow vs snow against the tires themselves. This increased resistance and road grip not only makes travelling during heavy snow falls quicker but it also makes it safer as there is a greatly reduced chance of any slippage which could result in a traffic accident.

The already stellar control and traction can be further improved by the option of adding studs (however you should check your local laws as some states prohibit studded tires) this leads to far superior handling when driving on icy terrain or packed snow and will enable you to get safely from A to B when others may not be able to.

This is a great relief for those of us that live in a remote area and have to travel into the local  town for groceries and other supplies. These tires handle remarkably well when off-roading during snow falls as well with great traction and control. The tread of these tires appears to be seriously resistant with nice even wear, I’m sure that these tires will last a fair few thousand miles before there is any noticeable drop in performance.

I would seriously recommend these tires to anybody who lives in areas that are especially prone to extended cold spells with heavy snow and ice. In our mastercraft tires reviews, these tires came out as one of the best. However, they would make a very good back up set for people who like to be prepared for every eventuality including extended cold snaps where everyone else can end up being stranded in their homes or at work because of a freak snow storm. Honestly I don’t think I would ever go back to using anything other than these tires during the winter months, they handle better and look much better than anything else I have come across in the market lately.

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Mastercraft Courser AXT Review

89 %

courser axtA really well made tire. This is the second set that I have bought and will definitely be coming back for more. The courser AXT makes driving off road an absolute dream, fantastic grip and seriously smooth drive. These tires are also remarkably quiet considering they are such a large and aggressive tire, hardly any discernible road noise at all, even when off-roading With real deep groves these tires are sure to stick like super glue even in the muddiest and wettest of conditions. That, coupled with the 12% increase in lateral groves ensure superior control over your vehicle even in times of torrential rain or  other poor driving conditions.

The genius little zig zagged groves you see in between the main groves of the tire enable it to maintain superior traction in wet, muddy conditions and even during snow. This is a real life saver if you live in colder areas or during the winter when, despite the weather, you still need to be able to commute to work. The fact that these tires have a paired intermediate tread enables any bits of stone or gravel that your tires may pick up during day to day use to be actively pushed towards the larger groves and expelled. This results in a much smoother drive and reduces day to day wear on the tires improving their life. I absolutely love the shoulder design of these tires, they have such and aggressive look!

It makes you look like you’re driving an off road monster even on the most mundane car. To make it even better the shoulder design actually improves off road traction too, especially when you’re driving along really rough terrain. These tires are really ideally suited  to you if you you have a small truck or pick-up and have to drive across rough or agricultural type terrain to work or make deliveries.

They also make an ideal backup set of tires if you like to be prepared for times of inclement weather when you still have to be able to get from A to B despite the conditions. This will give you real peace of mind if you’re self employed or work in the building trade or similar as it’ll mean you will still be able to get to work, perhaps even when others can’t, a fact that’s bound to impress your employers and customers no end! My first set of these awesome tires currently have around 10,000 miles on them and they barely show a scratch for all that distance despite the fact that I have had to drive up and down the country on all sorts of back roads and country dirt lanes to get to my work sites. There is still plenty of tread left on them with minimal wear. I’m more than confident that these awesome off road beasts will last well beyond the guaranteed 50,000 mile treadwear protection warranty.

I would definitely recommend these tires to anybody who lives in an area where you’re likely, at any time, to have torrential downpours of rain or are likely to experience some snow fall during the winter months. And also to people who need to drive on rough terrain or off road on a fairly regular basis.

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Mastercraft Courser HTR Review

85 %

courser htrCompletely optimized  for SUV owners and available in a wide range of sizes to fit nearly any model, this tire is easily one of the quietest and most comfortable day to day driving tires I have had the pleasure to experience in recent years. The Mastercraft Courser HTR is a truly stunning all purpose and highway driving tire. It features an impressive all season tread which enable the tire to perform admirably in all seasonal conditions from the dry heated roads of the summer to the wet and frosty highways of the winter and everything else in between that the weather may decide to throw at you.

The really nice lateral grooves of this tire allow any road surface water to be efficiently evacuated from under the tire as you drive allowing for a much reduced possibility of aquaplaning allowing you to drive with confidence in wetter conditions. This amazing piece of kit even handles snow extremely well for an all round tire, the deep grooves and wide lateral slots, coupled with  the impressive high sipe density allow for superior purchase and traction on snow covered roads with increased control and reduced chance of slippage.

This is a real bonus for people who still have to make it to their meetings and conferences during the cold winter months where the weather can be somewhat unpredictable. The road noise from these tires is near non existent, it’s such an unbelievably smooth and quiet ride you’ll likely arrive at the office after your commute feeling much more relaxed and positive. This is, in part, due to the Courser HTR Plus having different amounts of shoulder elements depending on the size of tire that you use, a more optimized number of shoulder elements results in a more smooth and silent driving experience.

Finally this tire provides a rubber rim protector which reduces the likelihood of damage to your nice shiny new rims when some thoughtless road hog forces you too close to the curb, a really nice feature that is bound to save you money and the headache of trying to remove the resulting scuff marks. While this tire will perform on off road terrain it’s clearly designed for those of us who do most of our driving in cities or on highways, and it does a fantastic job at that. The tread on these tires is solid and durable, just the kind of quality I have come to expect from Mastercraft and I’m sure they will last for a remarkable amount of time before I start to experience any noticeable wear and tear.

I would certainly recommend this tire for anybody who is looking for a great all round tire with with fantastic handling and a smooth silent drive. People who spend a great deal of time driving in urban environments or on highways are sure to find this piece of kit fits their needs perfectly.

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Mastercraft Tires is a world renowned manufacturer popular amongst drivers for its high quality bang for buck products. The company is still gaining ground and has yet to be recognized as an elite brand but with the backing of a multi-billion dollar parent company Cooper Rubber & Tire Co., it is only a matter of time until Mastercraft becomes the next big thing for tires. Since it first opened in United States, it has already made a dive in the Australian market and become a regular. It also aims to launch in the lucrative European and growing African market.

The products available from Mastercraft can be used for a variety of vehicle types including passenger cars, trucks (light and heavy), sports vehicles, ATV’s, etc. These products are popular for giving users greater mileage and a guarantee of 60,000 kilo meters.

The manufacturer has a long history dating back to 1909. At that time, it was branded as Falls but when Copper Rubber And Tire Company took over the operations, the aimed to refresh the brand and replaced it with what is now known as Mastercraft. While it is not meant to be a premium tire, the parent company aims to make it into a budget market giant.

Mastercraft has all of its products details available on its native website. The website is exhaustive in details and if you want to know anything about the company or its tires, you should click it open on your laptop, without worrying about leaving your house.

For the purchase of tires, you should navigate to the Tire Selector sub menu. This menu will let you know the size and type of tire which is required for your vehicle model. If you do not know what kind of tire is on your vehicle, you can find out by checking the tire sizing chart on the webpage. If you already know what is required you can skip this step.

The company also produces vintage and classic car tires. Even though these are not directly available on the website, but if you require them you can contact the company at the contact provided on the website. You can get all the variety from fat boys to white walls and more.

After figuring out the type of tire you require, you can head out to click on Dealer Locator to find the vendors which sell those tires. The dealer locator will show you the closest licensed vendors in your area. You can access it either via city name or zip code. Since Mastercraft Tires are popular, you should usually have no problem finding a vendor in your own town.

After you have the tires with you, you need to mount them and then rotate them. This process can be easy or difficult depending upon your expertise, but either way after completing the job Mastercraft requires you to get the mounting checked by a licensed mechanic. This will allow you to register your tire/s on the Register Your Tires form available on the official website.

Even though it might seem unnecessary, but this is required by the federal government and actually helps you keep your warranty and find your product in case of theft.

Mastercraft prides itself in producing top standard tires. All its tires meet the American Quality Standards and are certified by UTQG (Uniform Quality Grading).You can conveniently check the quality of your tires by the customer friendly ratings provided on the sidewall, even if you do not having the knowledge of a mechanic.

Going through the Tire Safety manual provided by the company on the official website, you will be able to know how to take care of your tire and therefore increase its road life. The manual will also teach you about basics of tire management in general.

It comprises of videos and textual content to guide you. The topic it covers range from inflation pressure, alignment, rotation, tread life and many more. If you are not sure about any of the previously mentioned terms, it is highly recommended that you go over the guide. The video guiding is very practical and you can follow whatever is happening step by step. If you still have any queries you can refer to the FAQ section.

All in all, Mastercraft is a brand which is reliable for its performance and safety. Irrespective of how much you run the tire, it will perform exceptionally throughout. The tire is backed by a warranty program matched by only a few. If you encounter any manufacturing fault in the tire, you can get it replaced given it is under 72 months since purchase.

There is even a 60000 miles service warranty, as mentioned above. You can even learn more about the service and warranty from your local dealer, who may have his own warranty services.
Mastercraft customer service department is a very customer oriented one and will welcome any questions from your side before, during or after your purchase. Remember that no question is simple enough and you should never feel shy about asking.

The company has enjoyed an outstanding response from its customers and has a positive rating for all of its products. Pick up any car magazine you want and you will only hear good about this company. The greatest thing about their manufacturing is that it is all in the United States, which is a huge plus when compared to Chinese tires even if they are cheaper.  If you are thinking about buying one of the tires from its selection, you can be confident that you are making a right choice.