Nankang Tires Review

We’ve had a lot of our users request that we write a Nankang tires review guide. After a few months of testing, we finally have this guide ready. There’s been a lot of questions surrounding Nankang, about how cheap they are and whether or not they live up to their reputation. Hopefully these reviews will help you clear your mind and make your next purchase a little easier. You’ll find that we are seriously impressed with Nankang; that deliver stellar products at extremely affordable prices.

Nankang Noble Sort NS-20 Review

85 %

nankang ns20There’s been a considerable amount of hype revolving around Nankang recently and lots of questions have been asked about them. Why are they so cheap? Are they high quality?

The answer is yes. These Noble Sport NS-20 tires are durably made and are extremely cost effective. I think you’d struggle to find cheaper tires down the high street or on the internet than these.

The tires have an excellent grip, even in wet conditions and when you think about how cheap they, it makes it even more amazing. During our testing, we found these tires to be quite aesthetically pleasing. Obviously, performance is always more important than looks, but these tires do look sporty and will go along nicely with most cars. They’re especially quiet on smooth roads, but you might find them a little noisy on rough terrain – which shouldn’t be problem with most people. We found these tires to be one of the best out of our Nankang guide.

Overall, they’re a great set of tires. It’s no surprise that Nankang is starting to dominate the market with their brilliant products and incredible prices.

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Nankang SP-5 Radial Tire Review

88 %

nankang sp5 tyreThe SP-5 Radial tire is the perfect all-rounder designed for any weather conditions. It really proves its worth in wet conditions, with it’s two circumferential grooves that help deal with the slippery roads.

Yet again, Nankang deliver this tire at an unbeatable price. It really isn’t a surprise that Nankang are becoming the dominant force in the auto-mobile sector.

This tire is very well made and durable. We put it through some serious tests and it always came out on top. You can expect this tire to last a long time. Some users did experience some noise coming from the tires. However, we only found this to happen on rough terrain, like gravel tracks. If you’re driving on a typical road, you’ll never experience this.

We found the best price was on Amazon and best of all, its fast and free shipping.

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NankangCX668 Tire Review

93 %

nankang tires reviewThese tires are perfect for smaller or classic cars. As you probably know, it’s getting pretty difficult to find tires this size nowadays.

They’re very well made and extremely durable. We put them through many thorough tests and they always pulled through. We were seriously impressed at how durable they are.

Unlike some of the other Nankang tires, these are very quiet on the road – almost silent. The low noise is due to their design, with there being thinner sipes on the tires shoulder. The four straight grooves are excellent for hydroplaning efficiency.

Again after again, Nankang deliver stupendous tires at a price that really can’t be beaten. If you’re looking for the best budget tires on the market, then look no further.

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About Nankang Tires

Owned by the Nankang Rubber Tire Corporation, Nankang Tires is a progressive name of sustainable tire solutions of the highest quality, safety standards and performance in the tire sphere around the world, with a comparatively lower price tag compared to its more renowned competitors.
It manufactures a variety of radial tires, amongst which are passenger car tires with SPORTNEX, NK COMFORT and ECONEX series, light truck tires with NK VAN series and others, snowfield-use vehicle tires, heavy motorcycle tires and recreation vehicle (RV) tires, for its diverse base of consumers.  The tires are manufactured using patented Nankang technology and are all made in China.
The company prides itself on its innovation, integrity and pragmatism – the Nankang motto.
The sportster N raved on all Nankang products is a symbol of the company’s unwinding passion for performance and spirit of heart to heart customer care.

Nankang has a market capital exceeding 20 billion US Dollars and generates millions of dollars a year in profits, primarily focusing on its overseas market which is now spread all over the world, including more than a hundred countries, with 35 percent of the total revenue generated from the Americas and 32 percent from Europe.

It is the oldest tire producer originating from Taiwan, with its first manufacturing plant established in 1940. The company’s vision was quality and innovation, based on the system from Japan.
Even though the company was doing good business ever since it started, the real thrust in its development came in 1973 when the Hsinfung manufacturing plant was founded.
With rising wealth, Nankang ventured to bring innovation in its products by developing steel belted tires and fuselage tires.

In 1972, the company started marketing in Australia, which was a relatively uncompetitive market compared to the giants that were Europe and America. In the September of 2003, mainland China became the first international foray for the company, largely due to the cheap Chinese labor, with the setup of the Zhang Jia Gang Plant in Jiangsu province allowing the global expansion of the brand.

Their focus on quality was rewarded by achieving the award of Quality Control Group by ROC Society of Quality Control. In 1987, Nankang got Q1 Certification from the Ford Motor Company and then in 1994 it acquired the ISO-9001 certification. This ensured that Nankang grew in ranks to become a modest competitor in the industry.

If you are wondering where to buy original Nankang products from, look no further than the company’s own online solution in the United States.
(If you are residing outside of United States, you can log on to your native country/continent Nankang website.)
The website is well laid out with a whole dictionary of tires that can be browsed.
By hovering on the TIRES sub menu, you can select from Performance, Touring or RLT/SUV categories. This would take you on to all the models of products available for purchase.
When you choose a tire, the website will give you all the features you get with the tire such as its pattern, grooves, etc. You can also confirm if it is available in the size you need by clicking on the specifications bar.
Once decided on the tire you want to purchase, you just have to request the dealer information in your area by filling out a form provided on the website. This may seem rather time taking, but the method is placed to ensure you are making the right decision and the customer service department contacts you pretty promptly.
When your tire arrives, be sure to register it on the Nankang database by selecting the Register Tires sub menu on the above mentioned website. You should also complete the tire installation form which comes in the box.
With your purchase you get a 40,000 miles warranty. In order for the tires to be qualified for Mileage Warranty, your tires are required to be thorough checked and rotated by authorized dealer every 5,000 miles, therefore you need to maintain a mounting and rotation service record.
Be ensured that every tire, tube and wheel supplied by Nankang is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

The native website aside, Amazon also has some great deals for the Nankang brand through various third party sellers which can save you 50 to 100 bucks if in luck. However, you must ensure that you are purchasing from an authorized seller as you don’t want to risk buying a counterfeit product after all, which can be dangerous to use. If you are a Prime user, you get priority shipping without paying anything extra.
Unfortunately, if you reside outside of the United States chances are that the product will not be shipped to you by Amazon due to the large size and weight of the object which makes shipping cost essentially equal to the cost of the product itself or even more.

Again, as mentioned before, if you have any queries or doubts regarding what kind of tire you should buy or the longevity of one you want to get, you can directly go and contact the customer support department which is always available even for the pettiest questions. This is a really good option provided to customers, especially those who are new to buying tires. If you’re looking for the best, then take a look further up at our Nankang tires review.

While it is true that Nankang is not really a household name and faces a very tough battle from the top players, like Michelin or Pirelli, in this industry, but Nankang’s determination and its aggressive stride towards revolutionizing tires with research and development, upgrading its quality each passing year, sale and after sale service and consumer satisfaction cannot be ignored.
Its budget priced (most tires are available between the range of 100 to 150 bucks only!) but superior quality has fueled it’s never ceasing expansion around the whole world, making it a very attractive prospect for new customers and old alike.

With care and proper maintenance, any tires you purchase from Nankang are going to give you a great experience and thousands of miles of joy! Why not try them out for yourself and see if Nankang tires are any good.